Kontakme Adds New Themes

1. Midnight Blue 2. Royal Blue 3. Stainless Red 4. Midnight Black
(accented Red buttons)

Kontakme, a service that helps people create easy to memorize contact links, contact pages and online contact lists, adds 2 new textured themes and 2 new colored theme. Some of the themes have also been revised so that the buttons are now accented with colored shades that matches the color of the theme.

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Kontakme Adds New Themes

1. Midnight Blue 2. Royal Blue 3. Stainless Red 4. Midnight Black (accented Red buttons) ... read more

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About the Author

Jonee is an Electronics and Communications Engineer by profession. He has over 16 years of experience in product marketing, product management, product design, applications and services development, and extensive solutions architect experience in system integration in the field of telecommunications, mobile telephony, data communications, and the Internet. He is currently involved in running a start-up company that specializes on making it easier to share and manage contact information. He is also involved in managing and operating a global video on demand streaming service for Filipino and Indian movies.

What is Tahoom

Tahoom is a corrupted spelling of the original Hiligaynon word "tahum" which means beautiful. Everything we see is beautiful because they work. How we make things work today is different from how things work 10 years ago and the beauty is that, almost everything from the yester-years can be made to work in the Internet with significant benefits. Services created over the Internet increases cost and operational efficiency. It has a faster time to market, and can be scaled-up or down easily. Tahoom was created to assist its clients migrate and create new services over the Internet. Tahoom is currently doing full time research and development work for Kontakme LLC (USA), a Universal Contact Information Service that makes it easier to share and manage contact information, and also doing project management work for Mavshack AB (Sweden), the largest subscription based video on demand streaming service specializing in Filipino and Indian content.